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  Those Involved

| Shining Stars | Every Time I Pray |


Executive Producer

Timothy Lee

Song arrangement and programming
Timothy Lee except introduction melody to Shining Stars and She moves her feet to dance by WahLok

Piano and synthesizer
Timothy Lee

Lead Vocals
Shining Stars - Carol Anita Nair
I'm the reason -Aris Siew
You're a friend, I can feel your heart , Make my heart your resting place -Maria Esther Rebano
No tears in heaven, Unheard Voices, Jesus is my Rock - Geoffrey Woo
She moves her feet to dance, Sing - Elvira
Beside You, I will love Him - Guy Rozario

Background vocals
Elvira, Teoh Lee Mei, Alan Tan, Gideon Yong, Sheena Suriya, Timothy Lee, Guy Rozario

Background vocal arrangement
Timothy Lee all songs except She moves her feet to dance with Alan Tan, Beside you with Guy Rozario, Jesus is my Rock, No tears in heaven with Elvira

Children's choir for Unheard Voices
Nicholas Ng, Victor Ng, Pearly Loh, Eunice Lee

Electric guitars
Jedidiah Wong and Jordan Rivers (Unheard Voices and I will love Him)

Acoustic guitars
Bernard McDonagh ( Jesus is my Rock, I will love Him, Beside You)
Jedidiah Wong ( Unheard Voices, No tears in heaven)

Guy Rozario (Sing)

Soprano Saxophone
Kevin Choo (Make my heart)

Joanna Lee Hui Ting

Mark Rajendran
(Sing, Jesus is my Rock, You're a friend, Unheard Voices, I can feel your heart, No tears in heaven)
Gabriel Thomas (I will love Him, Beside You)

Additional drums
Lim Kok Yen (Shining Stars, Unheard Voices, I will love Him)

Phillip Phua (I will love Him, Sing )

Claps and shouts for Sing
Bessie Mah, WahLok, Garrett Ng, Victor Ng, Nicholas Ng

Mixing Engineers
Adrian Lai (all songs), Jedidiah Wong (I will love Him, I'm the reason)

Album Design
Amy Lim of Pumpkin Patch

Taylor acoustic guitar compliments from Ivan Kuan



Executive Producer
Wah Lok

Timothy Lee on all songs except;
vocals for Approved In Every Way, Silenced By Your Love, Kingdom of Our God, Mighty Winds and We Are The Army produced by Wah Lok.

Song Arrangement
Timothy Lee

Lead Vocals
Maria Angela Esther Rebano on Flow Holy Spirit, How I Love To Worship, I will Rejoice and Ticket To Heaven.
Elizabeth Hah on We're Here By Grace.
Bernard George on The Greatest Story and Every Time I Pray.
Jordan Rivers on Kingdom of Our God and Mighty Winds.
Kathleen Fong and Patrick Leong on Silenced By Your Love.
Aris Siew on Approved In Every Way.
Alan Tan on We Are The Army.

Background Vocals
Alan Tan, Elizabeth Hah, Hiew Pei Yien, Lina Loong, Lim Fang Say, Lam Cheng Fen, Ang Kim Hong, Martin Yip, Lai Mun Leong, Wah Lok, Roger Lim, Teoh Lee Mei, Chan Tuck Lee and Jaime Lee.

Electric Guitars
Jordan Rivers on all songs except;
Every Time I Pray by Jedidiah Wong,
Ticket To Heaven and Silenced By Your Love by Bernard McDonagh.

Acoustic Guitar
Bernard McDonagh

Bass Guitar
Tan Min Ser on Kingdom of Our God,
We're Here By Grace, Approved In Every Way and Flow Holy Spirit.

Electric Piano
Timothy Lee on all songs except;
How I Love To Worship by Willie David Rebano.

Timothy Lee on all songs except;
How I Love To Worship by Willie David Rebano.

Lim Kok Yen on Kingdom of Our God,
We Are The Army and Ticket To Heaven.

Sound Engineer
Adrian Lai

Mixed By
Adrian Lai

Timothy Lee

Album Design
Pumpkin Patch

Line 6 Pod and Line 6 Bass Pod
by CK Music Sdn Bhd