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Title: Every Time I Pray: The Greatest Story - A Corny Song?
Date: 17-Aug-2007

"The Greatest Story is about the Greatest King who ever lived and ironically the Greatest News Agencies, CNN and TIME will not be able to cover the Greatest Event of human history."

When I first showed my song to a prospective lead vocalist for my album, he gave a comment that the song was corny. How would you like to hear that if you were the song writer ?. I know some people would have been hurt to receive a comment like this. However, I took it at face value. Deep in my heart, I thought he had no taste for philosophical songs. But I knew for certain that not everyone will appreciate this song. To make matters worse, my producer used an Indian instrument for the introduction, distorted the voice of the singer and added special effects. Nevertheless, I wanted the song in my album because of the important message of Christ's Second Coming. Let me share with you why I wrote The Greatest Story.

When the Asian Economic Crisis broke out in 1997, I was in secular work, holding the position as a Senior General Manager of the Soon Seng Group. There were 500 employees in the company . In the midst of the crisis, I saw many things that I knew God was displeased with.

  1. Rich nations were growing richer and poor nations were growing poorer. The richer nations did very little to help the poorer nations during the crisis.

  2. The biggest news agencies like CNN, CNBC, TIME etc did not really help the situation at all. In fact, the timing of their reports made some situations worse.

  3. The suffering of the poor was real. Within months, many nation's economies were absolutely destroyed.

Many people suffered because of the economic meltdown. I asked God, "When will all these injustices end?". In my heart, I knew that there will be no lasting justice until the King of Righteousness comes to rule on earth. The Greatest Story is about Jesus coming back to rule righteously on this earth.

I have received numerous comments on the song. Some absolutely love the song. Others politely tell me this is not their style. Some even thought the CD was spoilt because of the distortion effects. Some asked me why I used Elijah and Moses and not others etc. Others asked me why the narrator had a Chinese slang. One thing for sure, my message on the Second Coming of Jesus went out loud and clear. My album then ends with the last verse of Revelation "Even so, Come quickly Lord Jesus". I am personally happy I stood my ground and recorded this song in my album and did not "chicken out" when someone told me the song was corny.

Lyrics and Music by : Wah Lok 2000

I just can't wait to see His coming in the sky
And we will all be changed in a twinkling of an eye
When Jesus appears in glory, It will be the greatest story
This world has ever seen.

CNN won't have the chance, to cover this great event
His glory will be so bright, their cameras can't handle the light
When Jesus appears in glory, It will be the greatest story
This world has ever seen.

And He will come as King to reign on earth
And He will sit as Judge upon His throne
And we will bow our knees
And every eye will see His glorious light
And every knee will bow before His throne
And we will worship Him,
The Greatest King

TIME would want to write all about this blinding light
But I'd doubt they will succeed, their reporters are at His feet
When Jesus appears in glory, It will be the greatest story
This world has ever seen

I wonder if I'll have the chance to shake Elijah's and Moses' hands
Some answers I'll find, to the questions in my mind
When Jesus appears in power, It will be the greatest hour
This world has ever seen.


© 2000 Wah Lok


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