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Title: March 2006
Date: 01-Mar-2006

Tabernacle Music Newsletter – March 2006

An e- newsletter from to 10,000 subscribers

A personal note from Wah Lok

My last newsletter was dated Oct  2004. It was more than a year ago. But behind the scene, I have still been  actively  promoting Malaysian Gospel Music with my website. It has now registered more than 1.5 million hits and 170,000 visitors. The website has drawn quite a following from those interested in Malaysian Christian Music. I am writing this newsletter because a friend of mine has developed a website and internet radio (MCSN Radio)  to air play Malaysian Christian Music. You will be able to listen to Malaysian Christian music on internet radio. Most of you are probably aware that Malaysia does not have a Christian radio all these years. Because of this, our music has never been heard by the general public. The release of MCSN Radio is perhaps one of the most important developments in our music history. This is indeed an exciting development for all of us. More information is below. 

1.  Malaysian Christian Radio and Malaysian Christian Songwriters Network
- (

MCSN Website was designed by Esther Mui with a vision to network all Malaysian Songwriters and also stream their music on internet Radio. This website hosts a Radio Station  called MCSN Radio Station which air plays Malaysian Christian Music. This is  probably the first Malaysian Christian  internet radio is a large way. The website also provides resources for songwriters.

To listen to the radio, visit click "Malaysian Christian Radio"

To visit Malaysian Christian Songwriters Network (MCSN)  website, visit

2. World Radio Programs

HCJB Radio station based in Melbourne is hosted by Eric Skattebo. Recently Eric  interviewed Juwita, Kenneth Chin, Ng Wah Lok, Altered Frequency. Several of their interesting interviews are  available for my website.

Visit : and click "World Radio Program"

3.  Malaysian albums released

In the last 15 months, the following albums have been released. They  are all featured in  click "Malaysian Praise"

a) Jonathan Tse  released his album Purpose with all of his original songs. Jonathan has written some very interesting songs for his album.

b) Liang released  8 oz of soul  which is an R& B album of his original songs

c) Patrick Leong released his album Unto You which is a compilation of his own worship songs.

d) Fungates Music release their album IN featuring songs of Lim Chee Peng and Clarine Chun.

e) KB Chan released his worship album IMTIMACY

f) Edmund Smith released his album Wake Up of his own original songs. Edmund is well known fpr  his Real Love Ministry which reaches out to homosexuals.

g) Accomplished Guitarist William Kok released 2 guitar solo  albums  entitled "Every Time I Pray".  and Music Maker

h) Kelvin Lim and Cathryn Loh of Eaglepoint Covenant Fellowship  released a great worship album entitled 1 am - Revelation

i) Joanne Ng release  a rare Hokkien album entitled  Joanne - Glory be to God

j) HT Long ( Malaysian Elvis ) released his album The King is alive

k) Oops Asia released a single  Through the Rain - an album dedicated to Tsunami victims

l) Chen Sing released her mandarin album

m) Khor Hoe Chai released his worship album One for you

n) Meechang Tsui released his album  I thank you Lord

o) New Life Restoration Centre released their church album Destiny

p) Lucy Loo released her second album DREAMS

4. Singapore Albums

The following Singapore Albums are featured under click Singaporean Praise

a) When - Friends from the east was released by composer Fang Seng and his friends

b) Galvin released Above All Else

c) Thy Deliverees released their album Saved

d) City Harvest released their album Cross

5. Malaysian Music Calendar

25-30 April 2006 - Prophetic Worship School by Tabernacle of David

6 June, 2006 - Boys Brigade Concert at Sunway Lagoon Beach  featuring Patrick Leong, Juwita, Ng Wah Lok, Good Shepherd Band, Altered Frequency

6. Do you have interesting music news ?

If you have interesting music news, you can send them to and I will try to feature them especially if they involve inter-church activities.

For more information, visit

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