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Title: August/October 2004
Date: 01-Aug-2004


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A personal note from Wah Lok

Firstly my apologies for not sending out a newsletter for the last 4 months. Some of you probably thought I have given up on my website. In reality, my website has increased in momentum, generating more than 750,000 hits and recording 110,000 visitors. It has become the focal point of Malaysian Gospel Music featuring almost every new album release. It has become a great tool to bring awareness of what is happening in the Malaysian Music Scene. Besides featuring albums, I have also written 40 worship devotions for musicians and also many articles on music and worship. You can download many of these resources and some songs from my albums. Against all odds, I have still managed to maintain Tabernacle Music as a free website. No advertisement fees are charged for all the albums and Artiste featured in my website.

Latest News from Malaysia

1. Andrew Tan makes it to the finals of the Malaysian Idol Contest

Those of you following the Malaysian Idol contest would have known that out of the 13,000 people who contested, they have narrowed it down to 12 finalists. Among the finalist is a young man known to us only as Andrew Tan. If you do not know who this young man is, here is more information about him.

Andrew Tan, aged 20 years old, is the second child of Pastors David and Irene Swan from the Tabernacle of David. He is currently on a short break from his computer studies course in TAR College. He is actively involved in Tabernacle of David’s worship team, serving as a singer, drummer, and guitarist. He is also very active in the Christian Fellowship in TAR College. He sings with his band, Unabashed Ardour.

2. Juwita Suwito releases her debut album "Brand New World"

Once is a while, a voice surfaces to capture hearts. If there is such a voice from Malaysia, I would say it must be from Juwita. Born in Melaka, of Indonesian-Singaporean descent, Juwita has been in music all her life. From winning her Performance Certificate at age 15, to singing back up for Sheila Majid and Ning Baizura or solo performances in Australia, Planet Hollywood or Colors of the Rainbow, music naturally flows from her soul.

Brand New World is Juwita’s first solo album. One may be wondering why it took so long for someone to discover this beautiful voice. Perhaps, they have saved the best for last. Juwita wrote 5 songs in this album herself. One of her own outstanding songs, You in me is a beautiful ballad. Juwita rendered this song with such emotion and precision, it will certain touch the hearts of the listener. Another beautiful song is Part of a fool written by a Taiwanese song writer. SMS is modern and catchy song. In the last track, Benediction, Juwita displays her extraordinary vocal ability. The lead vocals and harmony of Benediction are beautifully executed.

3. Brian Gan releases solo guitar album "My Father’s World"

My Father’s World is an album of instrumental hymns on Solo Guitar by Brian Gan. Brian Gan, an accomplished guitarist from Penang produced the album and played solo guitar himself. Some of our favorite hymns like What A friend we have in Jesus, Yesterday today and forever, When I Survey the wondrous cross. Amazing Grace etc are recorded in this album. The solo guitar is played in a simple way and the familiar melody of the hymns do bring back very good memories of God’s faithfulness to us.

4. Canticle Singers performs in musical "Do you hear the people sing?"

The Canticle Singers ("TCS") in collaboration with Music Theatre ("MT") presented the musical entitled "Do You Hear the People Sing?" from 4th to 8 August 2004 at Panggung Dewan Bandaraya, Kuala Lumpur. The musical was inspired and drawn from a collection of the more elemental and spiritual songs from the earlier musicals such as Carousel, West Side Story, Fiddler on the Roof, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat; to the more recent arrivals such as Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, The Rose of Sharon, etc. as well as some well loved numbers. The musical numbers was in the form of solos, mixed vocal arrangements, choral numbers and medleys and seek to reassure, cheer, reflect, impart endurance, comfort, encourage, conquer,strengthen, inspire, defend, convict, bring hope, challenge, redeem, pacify, honour, celebrate, express love and bring restoration.

This musical was directed by director and playwright Chin San Sooi as Artistic Director and H K Chong as Music Director, both old boys of the Anglo Chinese School, Ipoh, Perak. Principal soloists that appeared with the company for the season were Elvira Arul, Michelle Ho, Shirani Amarasingham, Philip Poh, Praveen Abraham, Chang Yow Keong, Timothy Ooi, Brian Cheong; backed by promising new voices and a seasoned and highly acclaimed chorus. Guest artists appearing with the Company include Yudi (independent recording artist), Tan Wei Han (principal tenor with the Xian Conservatoire of Music), Liau Siau Suan (baritone) and Geoffrey Woo (independent recording artist who played Gabriel in TCS's "Two From Galilee").

5. In You Lord by Breakthrough City Church

In You Lord is the first contemporary worship album recorded and launched in Malacca. The people behind this album are from Breakthrough City Church. There are 9 songs in the album, out of which 8 were written by their song writer Raj Kumar (RJ). RJ also produced the album and sang lead vocals. The songs in the album are catchy and can be easily sung for worship in churches. Besides RJ, others who were involved in recording were Alan, Carl Lester, VJ, Maria, Luke Shekar, Leon and Marcus Chew.

6. SAND is due to release their second album in September 2004

SAND led by Lucy L from Penang has been busy recording her second album. Part of her recording is done in KL with Nick Lee. They are due to realase their second album in September

7. Alterd Frequency’s Album Exalt and Juwta Suwito's Brand New World making an impact in Malaysia

Since releasing their album Exalt, the band Altered Frequency has indeed made a significant impact in Malaysia. They have been featured often in numerous places and are seen in many functions. Among the youth, they are now regarded as one of the most successful Malaysian bands that that has emerged in the last 20 years.

Juwita Suwito has also had an immediate impact since releasing her album in June 2004. She has been featured on Hitz FM. This is indeed a rare honor for a Gospel Artiste in Malaysia as they are usually not given TV air time. With her cross over, the trends are indeed changing in Malaysia.

Golden Rain by Mayya
Mayya and her husband Igor are both highly accomplished professional musicians. Her compositions in this album demonstrates the beauty of simplicity as well as the subtle musical sophistication expressed in a wide repertoire of styles and interesting flavors. Mayya excels in the violin and plays the instrument with great sensitivity and colors

This albums contains very worshipful songs, and is a mix of instrumentals and vocals. Mayya plays violin solos and Igor plays the Bassoon. The song Dance to the Golden Rain came from a dream Mayya had where she saw shiny showers of rain in the sky. That dream inspired the title of the album Golden Rain.

By the Blood of the Lamb – Daniel Soo

By the Blood of the Lamb is a recording of original songs by Daniel Soo from the Likas Baptist Church, Kota Kinabalu. Daniel Soo is an anointed songwriter and serves as worship leader in his church for more than 15 years. He has written most of the songs from his personal encounter with God. Many of his songs have powerful testimonies behind them. He shares of the themes of God’s glory, forgiveness and love and the need to pray unceasingly for the nation.

The theme song By the Blood of the Lamb speaks about the cleansing power of the blood. Daniel wrote this song after a heavy flood in his city. The song Jesus Reigns was written when the church in Sabah were praying against the La Nina and El Nino phenomenon around the world. As the church prayed, God sovereignly held back the flood waters in Sabah.


Upcoming Prayer Events in Malaysia for year 2004

July 22- August 30 , 2004 - 40 Day Fast and Prayer and Charity Campaign
Organised by NECF Across Malaysia

26-29 August 2004 - National Prayer Conference with Dr. David Damien (Canada) and Dr. Iman Santosa (Indonesia)

25-27 August 2004 - Chinese National Prayer Conference

29 August 2004 - Merdeka Prayer Rallies across Malaysia
Various towns in Malaysia

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