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Title: September/October 2003
Date: 01-Sep-2003

An e- newsletter from to 6500 subscribers

By: Wah Lok


I have waited 23 years to see Malaysian Gospel Music make a national and global impact. Sadly, the impact of local Gospel music did not materialize. When I released my 2 albums, Every Time I Pray and Shining Stars, I discovered personally the difficulties of marketing a local Gospel album. I found out that many of those who tried before me were not successful. Because the Gospel Music industry in Malaysia was not developed, some of the top Christian Musicians have since gone to secular music to make a living. Unfortunately, the temptations as a secular musician are very strong and many Christian musicians out there fall spiritually. This has given me a strong determination to do something to change the entire music scene and slowly develop a Gospel music industry. God has now given me a 3 fold vision for local music.

Wah Lok’s vision

  1. Promote high quality recordings of Malaysian Gospel Music.

  2. Promote the use of Malaysian Gospel Songs in Malaysian Churches and beyond.

  3. Develop a Christian Music Industry where Christian Producers, Songwriters, Musicians and Artistes can make a living in their respective fields.

My website, is designed to achieve this vision. It is dedicated to promote original music, worship albums and major musical and prayer events, primarily in Malaysia. It is a resource centre which provides free teaching materials on worship, music, songwriting and prayer. It is also an information center where you can find out the latest musical and prayer events in the country. There are now more than 6500 subscribers to this website. The website is 28 months old and has generated 400,000 hits, with more than 60,000 visits over this short period. Tabernacle Music remains my personal website and is not a commercial one. I do not collect advertisement fees for any albums or artistes featured in my newsletter or website.

Latest Releases in Malaysia

The following are the latest Gospel Albums released in Malaysia.

  1. For Your Love – Patrick Leong

    For Your Love is Patrick Leong's debut album. Patrick is already a regular face in the music scene, having sung back up vocals for some of Malaysia'a top secular stars like Siti Nurhaliza and Sheila Majid. He also sang lead vocals for Silenced by Your Love in Wah Lok's album Every Time I Pray. But things are set to change as Patrick launches his own solo album For Your Love with 10 of his original songs. He brought together a team of fine musicians like Aubrey Suwito, Andy Peterson, John Thomas, Jamie Wilson, Beatrice Teh and Juwita Suwito to produce this album.

    The title track For Your Love is a fast praise song with a jazz slant. Produced by Aubrey Suwito himself, you will certainly be caught up with this catchy song. Perhaps the most powerful song in the album is Hear My Prayer. Patrick's beautiful vocal expression of this song will leave you encouraged that God does answer prayers. For Your Love is an album you would not want to miss.

  2. More Than Life – Integrity Music featuring two songs by Glenn Packiam

    More than life is a compilation of new songs by various artistes recorded under Integrity Music. Integrity Music is one of the world leading recording label for worship music. Two songs in this album were written and performed by a Malaysian, Glenn Packiam. The two songs are We lift You up and You Are. This album was released in Malaysia in June 2003. Glenn has recently signed a recording contract with Integrity Music.

These albums are featured under "Malaysian Praise".

Upcoming Music and Arts Events in Malaysia

26-27 September 4th International Worship Congress Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil
With David Swan, Henry Ramaya and Jonathan David (Organised by Tabernacle of David)
22-26 November 1st National Christian Creative Arts Concerence 2003 - 0rganised by the Christian Dance Fellowship of Malaysia.

Some of these events are featured in under Malaysian Music Calendar.

Wah Lok’s Worship Workshops

1/11 Georgetown Baptist, Penang
12/11 Lifeline AOG, Kuala Trengganu
29/11 Wesley Methodist , Seremban

See Wah Lok’s Music Calendar under

Artistes/Bands Review

  1. Patrick Leong – For Your Love

    Patrick Leong is no stranger in the Malaysian music scene. He sang lead vocals for the song "Silenced by You Love" in Wah Lok's album Every Time I Pray. He has also sung back up vocals for some of Malaysia's top secular stars like Siti Nurhaliza and Sheila Majid. However, his major break came when he caught the attention of billionaire Tan Sri Francis Yeoh while singing his song Angel Tears at the Christmas Bintang Walk. Angel Tears is a song dedicated to those who died on September 11. Francis Yeoh then invited Patrick to sing at a Concert for Peace at Pangkor Laut, together with Luciano Pavarotti himself. . Among the distinguished guests in the audience was Malaysia's Prime Minister, Dr. Mahatir himself. The rest is history.

    Patrick has now launched his own solo Gospel album For Your Love. He wrote all the songs in the album. He has also set up his own recording label Oops Asia. With his distinctive voice, this talented singer/songwriter is now set to make a major impact in the Gospel music scene.

  2. Altered Frequency

    Altered Frequency is a KL Based band. To alter means to change, make different or adjust for a better fit. We live in a generation where many desperately need to alter and tune in their frequencies to God’s. Altered Frequency’s passion is to be an instrument God can use to speak to this generation. Altered Frequency was formed in mid-June of 2000. It all began when Agnel, the drummer of the band, received a call from Help College and was asked to put together a band for a musical night that will feature new and upcoming bands. Getting the members of the early Altered Frequency was easy, as all the initial members have played together in various school and church related events. Plus, all the members of the band lived in Klang. The first members of the band were Agnel Raj, Joshua Jeevan, Kysern Lim, and Nicholas Teh. Daniel Wong joined the gang not long after and Andy Yeoh hopped on the bandwagon in 2001. None of the members had imagined that the band would be something long-term. Everyone thought that this coming together was only for that one night. But looking back, God had a different plan altogether for Altered Frequency. The band continued to exist because they believe that it is their ministry to be a musical blessing to the church as well as an instrument of outreach to the world.

    To date, Altered Frequency has played in venues and events such as The Rock, Soul Café, Crossroads, Dream Malaysia 2002, and AYA’s Friday Nite Jam & InFest 2003. The band also leads praise & worship and has been involved with the Youth Alive Malaysia HUGE Camp 2001, Singapore’s MegaLife Camp 2002, Shekinah Glory Youth Camp 2002, Subang Inter-CF Rally in Prime College (May 2003) and the Breakout Conference in Sitiawan (May 2003). Besides that, the band also accepts engagements to play for private functions such as Freight Management’s Annual Dinner 2000 and Sri Kuala Lumpur’s Children Day 2002. The members of the band are:

    Agnel Raj – Drums
    Andy Yeoh – Lead Vocals
    Daniel Wong – Guitars, Vocals
    Joshua Jeevan – Bass
    Kysern Lim – Guitars
    Nicholas Teh – Guitars

  3. Lucy L – Producer of SANDS

    Lucy L is a gifted song writer from Georgetown Baptist Church, Penang and the Producer of the dynamic youth album, SAND. Lucy L wrote all the songs in SAND and gathered young people from seven churches in Penang to participate in her album. She graduated from Trinity College of Music London(1989), majoring in classical piano and cello and has been teaching music for more than 12 years. She has also been writing Gospel songs for the last 10 years.

    In 1999-2000, she went to Hill Song, Australia and Sydney Conservatory to further her music education. During these years, she participated in the live recording of two Hill Song albums. This was a major turn around to her style of music resulting in the release of her contemporary album SAND. Lucy has a great passion for the youth and desires to train a whole young generation to excel in creative ministry, especially in the realm of song writing and worship. She is presently also the Music Director of George Town Baptist.

  4. KB Chan – A Song in the Night

    Pastor KB Chan is a worship leader, prolific song writer and a recording artist with a Psalmist anointing. Over the years, he has written more than 50 songs and released 5 albums. His album, Revival is in this land, released in 1989 sold more than 6000 copies. His other albums include In a Sacrifice of Praise, 1991, Look on our fields, 1992 and The New Season 1994.

    In 1994, KB Chan was diagnosed with severe kidney problems when both his kidneys failed. Since then, he has to undergo dialysis treatment three times a week. Although he faced numerous difficulties due to his kidney failure, KB Chan continues to serve and minister in music. In 2001 he released his fifth album entitled A song in the Night. He has also written a book with the same title where he shares how he overcame his disabilities. KB Chan is indeed a living testimony of a Christian's triumph over adversity.

News flash

  1. Kuala Lumpur based band Altered Frequency is set to record their debut album soon. They will be signing a recording contract with recording label Oops Asia soon.

  2. NECF Prayer conference with Cindy Jacobs attracted more than 1200 participants. Cindy Jacobs gave some critical prophetic words for the nation. The 40 day prayer and fast is fast gaining momentum. Nearly 3000 people gathered at the Merdeka Prayer Rally on 29th August at PGRM. This was the largest Merdeka Prayer Rally in the country. Datok Leo Moggie graced this occasion.

  3. US based music producer Nick Lee returns to Malaysia and sets up his own music studio. Although still unknown to many people, this gifted sound engineer is an answered prayer to Malaysia. He brings back with him a host of experience from the United States. Having produced albums in United States, he is exposed to the latest technologies. He will certainly bring quality to local recordings. Nick is currently recording SIB KL debut album.

  4. More than 150 youths gathered on 30 August to 1 September for the Breakthough Worship Conference organized by Grace Community Centre. Some to the top Gospel bands in Kuala Lumpur , Altered Frequency and Good Shepherd Band performed at the conference. Wah Lok, Alex Tan, YESUS conducted songwriting, worship leading , band management, vocal and music workshops and also performed in the concerts. The conference gathered participants from 23 churches and from many schools in the Klang Valley.

  5. Full Gospel Assembly's Youth released a youth album this month. The abum is a live recording of their original songs in FGA itself. Look out for the album.

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