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Title: January 2003
Date: 01-Jan-2003



Firstly, thank you for remaining in this mail list. Tabernacle Music is dedicated to promote original music, worship albums and major musical events, primarily in Malaysia. It is also a resource centre which provides free teaching materials on worship, music, songwriting and prayer. It is also an information center where you can find out the latest musical and prayer events in the country. There are now 4500 subscribers to this website. The website is 19 months old and has generated 210000 hits with 22000 visitors over this short period.

This website was founded by Malaysia's Songwriter/Pastor Wah Lok. Wah Lok has released 2 albums, Every Time I Pray and Shining Stars. His hit song Every TIme I Pray has made a significant impact, touching millions of lives across Asia. Wah Lok is also a Bible Teacher and Principal of Tung Ling Seminary. He has written a significant amount of teaching materials related to worship and music. They are posted in this website under the Resource Section. Some of his songs are also available for free downloads.

Latest Releases in Malaysia

The following are the latest Gospel Albums released in Malaysia.

  1. Christmas Gift - Reaturing various Malaysian Artistes, Francissca Peter, Solianos, Mark David, Maria Rebano, Double Take, Mia Palencia, Aseana Percussion Unit etc

  2. For such a time as this - By Zoe from the Tabernacle of David

  3. What a Friend - Collection of hymns in VCD for Karaoke produced by Christian Music Malaysia

  4. Song in the night - By KB Chan

  5. Sand - By Lucy L with youths from 7 churches in Penang

  6. Shining Stars - Wah Lok

  7. Light up Malaysia - A Mandarin album by Grace Lee

  8. Fragrance - Snah and Suze - An album of indigenous Malaysian music

  9. Legacy by Impressions

The albums are featured under Malaysian Praise in

Latest Musical Events in Malaysia

In December, the Canticle Singers presented Two in Galilee at the First Baptist in Petaling Jaya. The concert was used to raise funds for Malaysian Care, an organization set up to meet the social needs in Malaysia. The musical drama was performed over 2 nights to a sell out crowd. The Canticle Singers gave an outstanding performance.

The Subang Churches also had their yearly Christmas on the Park at Bandar Sunway Amphitheater. This is the third time such an event is taking place, drawing a 3000 crowd from across the Klang Valley. Below are coming events.

21/12/2002 - from 4p.m - 9.00 pm - Mahkota Parade
Christmas Celebration at the Mahkota Parade, Melaka
This event is a Christmas Celebration organized by Melaka churches. Featuring Aris Siew and Praise City Church, Wah Lok and Good Shepherd Band, Calvary Life Dance Team, HT Long, New LIfe Bethany Band (Singapore) and many others

Album Reviews

  1. Christmas Gift

    Christmas Gift
    is an excellent collection of Christmas songs recorded by various Malaysian Artistes such as Francissca, Solianos, Mark David, Double Take, Mia Palencia etc. It is the brain child of Paul Augustin. Traditional Christmas carols in the album are heavily jazzed and arranged in a very contemporary way. This album is very pleasant to listen to and is a follow up to their first Christmas album A gift of love. Some original Malaysian songs such as A Child was born today by Paul Augustin and Eye on the Lord by Mark David were performed in the album. The profits for this production will be given to charity. The album is available at MPH and Tower Records.

  2. Shining Stars - By Wah Lok

    This is Wah Lok's second album following his first release Every Time I Pray. Many Malaysians were surprised to find out about Wah Lok's ability to write songs from his real life experiences. Songs in this album such as "She Move her feet to dance" is about a girl who was miraculously healed, being able to walk after being paralyzed by bacterial infection in her brain. Unheard Voices is reminder for all to remember the needs of the poor. Beside You was written for his friend who was dying of cancer. The song talks about the need to stand with those who are terminally sick. The songs in this album are extremely meaningful as they were written from real life experiences. The album is available in Salvation, Glad Sounds and MPH.

  3. Sands by Lucy L

    Sands (Saved for a New Destiny) is another album also making waves across Malaysia. The album is a collection of songs by Penang's songwriter Lucy L. Lucy gathered youths from 7 churches to record her album. The youth team has been travelling across Penang and other parts of Malaysia, making an impact with their distinctive brand of music. This is a youth album with many interesting arrangements and good songs. Look out for Lucy's interesting songs Sold Out and Not for Sale. The album is available in Salvation and Glad Sounds.

  4. A song in the night - by KB Chan

    A Song in the Night is a collection of songs by Penang's prolific songwriter KB Chan. Although KB Chan has been a dialysis patient for the last 7 years, he has remained faithful to his calling and continued to write songs over these traumatic years of his life. The production of this album itself is a wonderful testimony of his spirit and love of Jesus. What a testimony of triumph in the midst of adversity!

    10 songs in the album were written by KB Chan himself and 2 more songs by his daughter Karen Hughes. The title track "A song in the night" tells us how God can help us through our difficulties. The best and most touching song in the album is "Daddy You're my hero". This is a simple song but it will minister to every father in a very deep way. It certainly carries a strong anointing. "Burning Sweet Incense with My Song" is another song with a powerful message.

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