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Title: December 2007
Date: 12-Dec-2007
Description: "Bringing Asian Gospel Music to a Global Audience"

An e- newsletter from

A personal note from Ng Wah Lok

It is almost 2 years since I last sent out a newsletter from my website. Some people have asked if I have disappeared from the music scene. Actually the opposite is true. I have massively revamped my website and it has attracted more than 230,000 visitors with over 2.5 millions hits registered, making it one of Malaysia’s top music website. I have also released my third album “Messiah King” with songs co-written with Australian lyricist in Jan 2007 and finally found the time to release my joke book “ An Ah Beng a day keeps the doctors away”.

You can visit the different sections of my website to view my features

1. Malaysian Praise

This page features Gospel albums produced in Malaysia. Here are some of the latest albums released in Malaysia

a) Messiah King – Ng Wah Lok
b) Inspired by You & Celebration – William Kok ( Guitar solo album)
c) Rise to Worship – Joyce Yeoh ( Piano solo album)
d) Dream Centre – Patrick Leong
e) Because of Love – Lucy Loo & Raymond Tan ( Songbook series for piano)
f) Sold Out – 1AM ( Live worship by Eaglepoint Covenant Fellowship)
g) Faithful God – City Discipleship Presbyterian Church
h) I trust in You – Gabby Tham
i) Alabaster Jar – Joanne
j) My Eyes – Chen Sing ( Mandarin album)
k) Better than Life – Calvary Youth
l) For Real – Juwito Suwito
m) Christ, My Supreme Identity – Full Gospel Church, Johor
n) The Time has Come – Brian John Yim
o) A Day at the
p) Child of God – GT Lim
q) Melody Cinta – Jenny Liew

2. Singaporean Praise

This page features some Gospel albums released in Singapore. Here are some albums featured.

a) Be with You – Jon Wee
b) Agape & Keep the Fire Burning – New Life Christian Church
c) The Second Delivery – Thy Deliverees
d) Music of our Hearts – Michael Chan
e) Clouds of Praise Music - Series of albums
f) You are my God – Church of Praise
g) Cross – City Harvest.

3. Artistes Feature 

This page features artistes who are in the performing arts. Among the new artistes I have featured are Joyce Yeoh who released Rise to Worship, Gabby Tham who released Faithful God, Brian Yim who released The Time has Come , Tabitha Lam who starred in Drunk Before Dawn and Tunku , the Musical, GT Lim and Juwita Suwito.

4. Malaysian Christian Authors 

This is a new section in my website where I feature authors who have written books . Here are some authors featured.

1. Steven Wong – Exposing Chinese Ancestral Worship
2. Dr. Lee Bee Teik who wrote a series of book eg Pastoral Counselling and the Science of Psychology , Seeing God through ordinary eyes , A Pilgrim’s Progress , From distress to progress…etc
3. Tan Soo Inn – Making Sense - 50 devotions
4. Janet Ng – Harvest of Love
5. Susan Tang – Breakthrough at Sunset, Broken altars…..etc
6. Marvin Wong – Between Friends
7. Asian Reflections – Scripture Union
8. Books from Institutions eg. Seminari Theologi Malaysia, Malaysian Baptist Theological Seminary, Kairos Research Centre etc
9. Tan Jin Huat – Preacher , Prepare Yourself
10. Wong Kim Kong – Living and Leading without limitations
11. David Swan – The Davidic Generation, Understanding the Spiritual Seasons of Life…..
12. KB Chan – A Song in the Night
13. Irene Swan – A Peek into the Father’s Heart
14. Albert Isaac – Your breakthrough is only a seed away.
15. Dr. Benjamin George – Quit being a Sunday Christian
16. Dr. Victor Chen – Series of Health books
17. NECF Publications

5. Resources 

This section contains my teaching materials to help the worship team. Here are some interesting articles I have written:-

1. 20 Checklists for Song writers
2. 12 Practical points for Song writers
3. Recording and marketing an album
4. Writing Lyrics
5. Creating melodies
6. The importance of the worship ministry.
7. David’s wrong approach to worship.
8. Development of Malaysian Gospel Music – A model for the third world.
9. 6 Marks of an intercessor.

6. Wah Lok’s Worship Devotions 

These are 40 worship devotions I have written to help the devotional life of musicians. The devotions are design to get the musicians to reflect on their lives and ministries and the dangers of being distracted by our own music.

7. Wah Lok’s Tributes 

In this section, I have written tributes to 2 of America’s best songs writers who have gone back to the Lord, Keith Green and Rich Mullins. Their songs had a major impact in my life especially in my formative years.

8. Malaysian Revival Songwriting Competition (MRSC) 2007 

This is the finals of the song writing competition on Dec 2, 2007 at 6.30 pm. Location : Maltrade Hall, Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur

9. Do you have interesting music news ?

If you have interesting music news, you can send them to .

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“Bringing Asian Gospel Music to a Global Audience”

© 2007, Ng Wah Lok

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