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  Malaysian Praise 1999
PASSION CRY by Christian Life Centre, Petaling Jaya


PASSION CRY is a live worship recording of CLGC original songs. The recording was done in Vineyard Christian Fellowship, United States . The church has taken considerable effort to record their debut album. All the songs featured were written and arranged by various members of CLGC. You will be able to catch the dynamic worship in this church through the album.


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Beyond This Sunset - Youth from Church of Shekinah Glory

This is a tribute album which the Youth of Shekinah Glory recorded in memory of their 3 members who were killed in a waterfall accident. The 3 youths who died were Kyyern Lim (1984-1999), Micah Chan (1982-1999) and Mervyn Tan (1980-1999). Although the album was recorded about a year after the death, the songs still reflect sadness and the struggles of the youth as they overcame this tragedy. As the album was done mainly by youths, the recordings cannot be compared to other higher budget professional recordings. Nevertheless, the sincerity of the authors and the emotional heart beat of the songs are very real and you can almost feel the sadness in some of the songs. Perhaps the lyrics of the title track written by Kysern who lost his younger brother tells the whole story.

You will never be erased from the pages of my memories, And I know beyond this sunset, there will come a day when I will see you face to face again 
Though years may pass and seasons change
Here by my side you will remain
I'll hold you close I won't let go
Though tears may fall I will be strong
I'll hold on to hope, I'll carry on
There's comfort within this I know
I'll meet you at the mountain top someday
And you will never fade away.

Excerpts from the song "Beyond this Sunset" written by Kysern Lim

The other songs in the album were written by Amelia Tan, Diana Chong, David Gan, Peter Teh, Alex Tan, Lisa Gan, Yin Har and Pamela Khoo. This is indeed a very emotional recording.



Danny Cheh - Love letters


Danny Cheh

Danny Cheh originates from the Community Baptist Church, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. He graduated from Berklee College of Music, Boston. Presently, he resides in Boston where he is the Music Director of Morning Star International Church. He released his album Love Letters in 1999. Love letters was recorded in Boston. The album contains 12 songs written by him. The songs are very contemporary with styles from R&B to rap. The songs are well arranged and will be very appealing to the younger generation.

Some of his songs have very catchy tunes that will grow on you. One such song is "Anything Goes". The song has a fun side to it which attracts you after you have listened to it several times. Another song "Jesus is within me" is written to reflect his struggles with self acceptance in his younger days.

Danny write his songs from his heart. His songs reflect his walk with God. He shares his struggles, his joy and his opinion of life in his songs. His ministry and burden is very much to the youth and as such , his music is written primarily to minister to the youth.

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KING OF KINGS by Renewal Lutheran Church (RLC)

KING OF KINGS is a Contemporary Christmas Musical by Renewal Lutheran Church, Petaling Jaya released in 1999. The album is produced and arranged by Jose Thomas and Simon Justin Leo. This album consists of many traditional Christmas carols like "O Come all Ye faithful", "Angels we have heard of high", "Hark the herald angels sing" and "Joy to the world" . These carols however are arranged in a very modern manner and will make leave pleasantly surprised.

The "Hallelujah Chorus" from Handel's Messiah is also included in this album and is performed in an outstanding manner by RLC's choir.. Secular songs such as "I will follow Him" made famous by Sister Act is also included in the album. The album is a combination of interesting songs, arranged in a modern manner for pleasant listening. However, there are no original Malaysian songs in this album but the musicians, choir and musical ideas are all from RLC.


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