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Title: Everytime I Pray: Silenced by Your Love
Date: 17-Aug-2007

Lyrics and Music: Cheng Soo Min and Melissa Wong

"In the depth of God's love, there are few words we need to speak" 

Verse 1
My heart Lord, Can grow cold,
And turn from You
And the flame deep within me,
Is barely burning bright
You're faithful and gentle, calling me home
Looking past beyond my failure,
You love me still and that is why

I stand in awe of You,
I stand in awe at Your love
For Your love it covers me,
Like the waves cover the shore
Gently calling me,
Drawing me back to You Lord
Holding me close to Your heart
I am silenced, Silenced by Your love.

Verse 2
My Father, and Savior, You're ever true
You sent Your Son to die, 
And paid the price for me
I'm ever, indebted, To You my King
Now I lay my life before You, 
With gratitude, my songs I'll sing.

Copyright 2000. Cheng Soo Min and Melissa Wong


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