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Messiah King - Wah Lok


After making an  impact with his first 2 albums, Every Time I Pray  in 2001 and Shining Stars in 2002, Wah Lok’s long awaited  third album Messiah King was finally released in  Jan 2007.  He has taken a 4 year break but  this album is worth the wait.

Messiah King contains another 10 of his original songs, 8 of which were co-written with Australian lyricist Barbara Tipper. The song  Harvest of the Field , a slow ballad, won the Australian Gospel Award 2004 for the Best Hymn. Another song Birds and Bees went all the way to the finals for the year 2006. The title track Messiah King is powerful worship song with the  lyrics focusing on Jesus as  Messiah and King who should reign in our hearts.   The  song One Voice, One Heart  is another good worship song used for the National   Prayer Rally  in Malaysia in 2003. Wah Lok also collaborated with Fernando Brito from Portugal, a professional wind instrumentalist, who recorded Every Time I Pray in Portuguese with orchestral arrangement. Another track Lighthouse  has powerful lyrics showing Jesus as our lighthouse who guides us in times of trouble. The song has a jazz arrangement with Willy David Rebano on piano.

Timothy Lee produced the album. Lead vocals were performed by Barbara Tipper, Alicia Chew, Fernando Brito, Percibal Caranto, Maria Rebano and  Lani Calderon.

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EVERY TIME I PRAY is Wah Lok’s debut album released in 2001. Wah Lok has written more than 100 songs over 25 years. This album contains his most popular song Every Time I Pray written in 1981. This song made a global impact in Mandarin churches all over the world. There are at least 10  Mandarin recordings of the song  in Taiwan, United States and Hong Kong but this album contains the first English recording.

Another song  Approved in Every Way was written in 1982. The song is about the pioneers of Full Gospel Tabernacle (FGT) who made great sacrifices to serve God. Wah Lok wrote another  popular song  How I love to worship  in 1985 with his wife,  Bessie Mah. This recording gives a jazz arrangement of the song.  In 1995, after taking a 6 year break from song writing, Wah Lok wrote the song Flow Holy Spirit.  Wah Lok says, “ The song was completed within one hour. The lyrics and music came all at once. It was like the anointing of the Spirit suddenly came again after a 6 year break”.  Flow Holy Sprit is arranged with some fanciful guitaring by Jordan Rivers. “We’re here by grace” was written in 1999 for FGT’s  19th anniversary. The song is a reflection of God grace and goodness

The album was produced by Timothy Lee.  Lead vocals were performed by Bernard George, Patrick Leong, Maria Rebano, Elizabeth Hah, Kathleen Fong, Aris Siew, Jordan Rivers  and Alan Tan.Wah Lok is presently the Principal of Tung Ling Seminary and  Pastor at FGT’s  branch at  Sri Damansara.E mail :

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Shining Stars is WahLok's second album. WahLok has emerged as an anointed song writer who captures moments of history in songs. The title track of his first album "Every Time I Pray", written in 1981 has touched millions of lives across Asia.

Shining Stars again contains some very touching songs. The title track "Shining Stars" is a very devotional song, written for the graduating students of Tung Ling Seminary. The song calls us live our lives ablaze for Jesus, a shining star for His glory. Another touching song in the album is "She moves her feet to dance" WahLok wrote this song about a girl in his church, named Judith, who fell sick and was totally paralyzed. The church fasted and prayed. Miraculously, Judith recovered. He attributes the healing to the intense prayer of the church.

The song "Beside You" was written in 1983. WahLok wrote this song for his friend Leslie Koch who was dying of colon cancer. As a church, they stood with Leslie with prayer and fasting until he passed away at a very young age. This song encourages us to stand with our friends who are terminally ill.

"Unheard Voices" is a song with a powerful message about the needs of the poor. WahLok says the poor are never heard. So are the children sold to prostitution or babies who are aborted. This song carries a message which he hopes will convict people to remember that there is a world out there with great needs.

Shining Stars is indeed an album which contains songs with powerful messages.



Shining Stars

  1. Shining Stars  ( listen )

  2. Jesus Is My Rock  ( listen )

  3. No Tears In Heaven 

  4. I'm The Reason  ( listen )

  5. Beside You

  6. She Moves Her Feet To Dance  ( listen )

  7. Unheard Voices 

  8. I Can Feel Your Heart

  9. Make My Heart Your Resting Place  ( listen )

  10. You're A Friend  ( listen )

  11. I Will Love Him 

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Every Time I Pray
  1. Every Time I Pray  ( listen )

  2. Ticket To Heaven 

  3. Mighty Winds

  4. Flow Holy Spirit  ( listen )

  5. Approved In Every Way  ( listen )

  6. Silenced By Your Love  ( listen )

  7. How I Love To Worship  ( listen )

  8. We’re Here By Grace  ( listen )

  9. Kingdom of Our God

  10. I Will Rejoice 

  11. We Are The Army

  12. The Greatest Story

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